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Great Dao Commander – Volume 1 Chapter 33

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Great Dao Commander – Volume 1 Chapter 32

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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 19

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Chapter 19  Debt Collection


Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu and his mother appeared in a low shanty house.

Because they were short on money, they did not have their own house in Star City, but instead rented the cheapest flat in the shanty area as a temporary residence.

Gently putting his mother on a small plank bed, Tang Xiu started to do some chores inside the flat.

During the thousands of years in the immortal world, Tang Xiu had gotten used to an easy life where others had served him. Sometimes he even had no problems with not eating or drinking for hundreds of years at a time. He was obviously unaccustomed to this when he had to the clean the house.

Within moments, Tang had gradually become skillful, and his face gradually produced a smile.

The room was small, only forty square meters. It was divided into four rooms. The living room with the dining room adjacent to it, there was a worn-out sofa separating the spaces, then there was the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Tang Xiu looked at the clean pillow and old quilt on the sofa, this made him sad all of a sudden.

As the room was too small and there being only one bedroom, Su Lingyun left the bedroom to Tang, she then slept on the sofa. Even when Tang Xiu was schooling, Su Lingyun insisted on sleeping on the sofa, refusing to step into the bedroom.

In Su Lingyun’s words, Tang Xiu had grown up, he must be allowed his own space.

It was precisely this kind of Su Lingyun’s meticulous care and spoiling that made Tang Xiu unable to cut off his attachment and yearning toward his mother for thousands of years in the immortal world, Tang Xiu yearned for mother’s love.

Half an hour later, the house was clean and tidy. Without a spec of dust neither top nor bottom, inside and outside. Just like a brand new house.

As it was late in the day and knowing his mother still had not eaten, Tang Xiu crept into the kitchen.

While Tang Xiu was cleaning the house, a human tragedy drama was unfolding in Lingjia Restaurant.

An hour ago, after Yuan Chuling handed in the paper, he happily went to the examination room where Tang Xiu had the exam. He was looking for Tang to share his joy, but he did not expect that Tang Xiu had already left the school.

Since Yuan Chuling was familiar with the whereabouts of Tang, he did not hesitate to rush to Lingjia Restaurant and the scene

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