I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 5 Chapter 1

Translated By: GreyVisu

Edited By: Left and Crimsonwolf8439


Sorry about the lack of chapters! Just got back from a holiday and wifi availability was close to nil. Had Left covering for me. Anyways, this chapter is an attempt by the author to try a new format for those people who thinks the POVs of Carla are boring, might scratch your itch.


On another note, Visu’s lappie has died, so we only have 2 more chapters to publish while he attempts to TL more somehow! And also, please give your congratulations to Myriea (TL of 9 Coffins of Immortals!) on taking her first step on being a mother! She’s pregnant! Go on discord and wish her well!


Chapter 1/(Lost Count of owed)

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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 3

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439


Not gonna lie, those donations really help. Please donate if you can! It’ll help keep the releases constant (paying off the people who keep nagging) and keep us alive. Anyways, this chapter is for last week, so expect one more soon. We had been running off stockpile, but recently old Visu got bogged by exams, so it’s a double whammy to the release schedule.


A little backstory to the inn! Enjoy ~


Chapter: 1/2

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I’m OP, But I Begun An Inn?! – Volume 4 Chapter 2

Translated by: GreyVisu

Edited by: Crimsonwolf8439


More new chapter(s)! Hopefully, I manage to pump out the other, weekly chapter. This is our first sponsored chapter, so please say thanks to Wrath376 and Patrick Frake for sponsoring this extra load of work! (Damn you Wrath, don’t act cute on discord, it won’t help.)

Please let me know in the comments section when you spot any mistakes! Legend has it, you can summon an amazing wolf god who has the power to change words if you comment early enough! (Or ever)

And away we go!…

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