Great Dao Commander – Volume 1 Chapter 31

As many of you all know, we will now have 6 regulars this week. Reason being:


14/01/2017 1:15 PM.

Wifey has just agreed to my plan to quit one of my jobs since it would mean that I’ll have more time for the family. Even though I would lose almost half of my monthly income due to quitting this job, but I think wifey and kids are more important than money. However, since I’m still managing a boarding school, it doesn’t mean that my free time would suddenly increase. It would still be the same, albeit that I will work mainly at school and home and wouldn’t travel far as frequently as before.

That matter aside, I might increase the regular weekly chapters for the poll’s winner up to 4-6 chapters a week in February. If nothing big happens until March, the regular chapters for the poll’s winner might be up to 6-10 chapters a week. I’ll try to release 4-6 chapters this month to test whether I would be up to the schedule or not.

BTW, I never stockpile chapters, LOL… I just do the translation after lunch or break time, send it to my friend to get tlc-ed, and then upload it to Cherry and Leo to get edited… What had happened to Demon God novel gives me something like WTF? So I no longer am stockpiling chapters again…

Anyways, happy voting and reading folks… 🙂

Okay, this is the poll, bear in mind that whichever won, both novels wouldn’t be dropped. I just give the winner more love… LOL


So, please do vote and ENJOY this week’s first chapter!^^^^^^Link above.^^^^^^^

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