Great Dao Commander – Volume 1 Chapter 26

Udeze Note: (05/01/17)

I wanna say something here… some trolls e-mailed me and ranted about Demon God’s translation pace and many things of which I’m too lazy to paste the content here…. there are 10 emails from those trolls, of which 7 of them just entered my email…. I blame myself from putting my email on my WordPress site

I don’t translate Demon God to make money out of it (like what they said in the email), neither do I have the intention to make a name for myself… anyone can ask to lesyt or lnw team here, whether I do the translation for money or not… feel free to ask them
Hence, I’m now officially dropping Demon God for good…


2nd regular of the week. ENJOY!

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Edited by: Cherry Blossom & Leo

**I just barely got back from Paris** 😛 🙁


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