Great Dao Commander – Volume 1 Chapter 31

As many of you all know, we will now have 6 regulars this week. Reason being:


14/01/2017 1:15 PM.

Wifey has just agreed to my plan to quit one of my jobs since it would mean that I’ll have more time for the family. Even though I would lose almost half of my monthly income due to quitting this job, but I think wifey and kids are more important than money. However, since I’m still managing a boarding school, it doesn’t mean that my free time would suddenly increase. It would still be the same, albeit that I will work mainly at school and home and wouldn’t travel far as frequently as before.

That matter aside, I might increase the regular weekly chapters for the poll’s winner up to 4-6 chapters a week in February. If nothing big happens until March, the regular chapters for the poll’s winner might be up to 6-10 chapters a week. I’ll try to release 4-6 chapters this month to test whether I would be up to the schedule or not.

BTW, I never stockpile chapters, LOL… I just do the translation after lunch or break time, send it to my friend to get tlc-ed, and then upload it to Cherry and Leo to get edited… What had happened to Demon God novel gives me something like WTF? So I no longer am stockpiling chapters again…

Anyways, happy voting and reading folks… 🙂

Okay, this is the poll, bear in mind that whichever won, both novels wouldn’t be dropped. I just give the winner more love… LOL


So, please do vote and ENJOY this week’s first chapter!^^^^^^Link above.^^^^^^^

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Cherry Blossom News:

PS: We will be having a FREE!!! bonus chapter (no max) for birthdays and wedding anniversaries soon!!! At the post of chp 33. But, I will post now, please do keep it legit as our team does need rest. We all have either school, work, or family to take care of. 


PPS: If you do appreciate the mini event coming up, please do help support our team via donations. Thank you!!!!

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Great Dao Commander – Volume 1 Chapter 26

Udeze Note: (05/01/17)

I wanna say something here… some trolls e-mailed me and ranted about Demon God’s translation pace and many things of which I’m too lazy to paste the content here…. there are 10 emails from those trolls, of which 7 of them just entered my email…. I blame myself from putting my email on my WordPress site

I don’t translate Demon God to make money out of it (like what they said in the email), neither do I have the intention to make a name for myself… anyone can ask to lesyt or lnw team here, whether I do the translation for money or not… feel free to ask them
Hence, I’m now officially dropping Demon God for good…


2nd regular of the week. ENJOY!

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**I just barely got back from Paris** 😛 🙁


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Great Dao Commander – Volume 1 Chapter 23

2nd regular from last week, sorry for all these delays, a lot of our editors and PRs were on break and many are still. It will take some time for them to come back and to readjust. Last chapter we owe from last week will be up shortly, along with not one, but two regular TLDP for this week as the last will be released sometime later around SAT/ SUN. SEAM will be posted as soon as PR comes back from break. CHPs 11-13 are all edited, and are just waiting to be proofread. That will make up for last week’s final regular and this week’s regular. 2/3. While SEAM 14 will soon we out by SAT. Thank for your patience. If you enjoy our works, please help us out via donations. Thank you all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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